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Kill Your Cat

catMy mother’s cat died today. My mother, turning 84, is a cat person, and I’m not. It’s not just that I’m allergic to their dander. This cat, Missy, hissed at me from the start, and always threatened to scratch me or anyone who came too close.

This post isn’t really about cats, though. It’s about facing death rationally. Missy wasn’t my mother’s first cat. She … Read more

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Art and Artifice

“Art is either plagiarism or revolution.” 

─ Paul Gaugin

“Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery.”

─ Charles Caleb Colton

My wife Ptarmi & I are building a new house this year on a lakeside lot we bought more than ten years ago.  It will be our final home, where we finish raising our kids and someday retire.

The new house will have a few … Read more

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Rational Woman Hates Her Body

uglyI’m rational, right? That’s what I keep saying. But I’m also a woman, and a woman’s self-image is way too often affected by the careless comments of others, whether family, friends, or the omnipresent media. For instance, see the big media fuss over Marion Bartoli, a sports champ, and the unkind comments made about her quite normal looks.

Here’s how that sort of thing worked … Read more

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