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What If It’s Now or Never?

Grim ReaperI used to keep a New Yorker cartoon taped to my printer. It showed a hooded death figure, scythe in hand, standing next to a writer seated at a typewriter. The caption was something like “Oh good, I’m glad you’re here. I can never get anything done without a deadline.”

I don’t think many of us can be quite content, much less happy, if we’re … Read more

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Why You Should Spend Time in a Flow State

Flow is a state of consciousness in which many very creative individuals claim to most readily produce their work. Plus it feels good (to be there, to have been there), so once you recognize it, you may seek it out regularly.

Flow, most simply, is when time stops for you, or at least changes quality dramatically. You and what you’re doing merge. Sounds mystical, and … Read more

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