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The Know It All Effect

Article by Dan Arel

  • Book PictureDo people who claim to have a strong understanding of science challenge their views?
  • Do people who claim religious affiliation read scientific studies that oppose their worldview?

S. Mo Jang of the University of Michigan set out to answer such questions. He recently published findings in Science Communication.

In his paper, “Seeking Congruency or Incongruency Online? Examining Selective Exposure Read more

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6 Irrational Things I Hate

AngerIt isn’t just me, is it? Don’t we all deplore certain types of people, people who persist in believing and acting in ways we find loathsome?

When I encounter certain irrational behaviors, my irritation risks rising into exasperation. So it’s time to vent.

Following are some of the triggers that derail my equanimity and compel me to find solutions. Can you relate?

1. People who Read more

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