A Science-Minded CitizenThe Science-Minded Citizen

More than one person is authoring here in this blog. Each of us is writing independently, but we share a certain commonality: We want to talk about science as we relate it to being citizens of this planet or of wherever we happen to reside.

In the constituency of Brights are a goodly number of individuals like us. Scientific professionals may view us as rank amateurs. That is, we may not have much formal adult experience or even deep personal background with science. For sure, though, we all have a fascination for the topic.  And, we recognize its relevance to the world in which we live. We wish more citizens did.

Regardless of our professional or formal educational backgrounds, we’d like to share our experience, observations, and/or opinions with others. We can address current issues as they arise. You will encounter discrepancy between us, as we write from our regional interests and experiences. Expect further variation among us due to whatever type of governance structures (national, local) within which we happen to function.

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Occasional Contributors

Adam Manning Davis Jacobson
Fran Evanisko Laurie Hatton
Dan Arel Vinod Wadhawan
Ryan J. Suto



There are lots of ways to “shine a little brightness” in the direction of readers. “Luster” provides an opportunity for the contributor (who is a Bright) to offer advice, share experience, observations, and/or useful opinions with others.

Within this category, a Bright can speak on any topic related to being a citizen of the planet while holding a wholly naturalistic outlook. One might write on current issues as they arise. Another one might reflect on past circumstances. A focus could be on society or history. Even personal matters might shed a naturalistic light while offering something worthwhile in the way of word for others to consider.

“Luster” is a posting place, not a single person. Its contributors will write independently of one another. There will be discrepancy between readers and writers, as those who write will be coming from our regional interests and experiences. Expect further variation among us due to whatever type of governance structures (national and/or local) within which we happen to function.

As the thesaurus reveals: there is room to glow, flicker, twinkle, sparkle, shimmer, glitter, glisten or gleam (and more). Expect an author to provide a sheen, a shine, a glint, a patina, a gloss, or simply polish something more precisely. While opportunities abound elsewhere to flash or flare or flame, the idea is not bluster — it’s luster. (Not a place to rant, really.) Educate. Inform. Give consideration.

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Occasional Contributors

LadyJulBug Leyden Marks


A Rational Woman

While not claiming to speak for all women, nor for all rational thinkers, nor for other Brights, I’ll offer some insights and practical tips.

I’ve authored six non-fiction books, including the Southern California bestseller Writing
in Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity; Loving in Flow: How the Happiest Couples Get & Stay That Way; and Playing Smart: The Family Guide to Enriching, Offbeat Learning Activities for Ages 4-14. I’ve written 1000-plus articles, essays, reviews, and Q&A columns and have been widely quoted as a human development, relationship, and creativity expert. I’m a social psychologist and have taught online and off. I also offer love advice online.

Above all, my passion is words: reading them and writing them. My first novel, Kylie’s Heel, about a rational woman facing an enormous challenge, is now available.

Visit me at BunnyApe or at my Psychology Today blog, “Creating in Flow“.

Umwelt Utahpia

I am Ken Kilgore, and I crave diversity.

Born and raised in the U.S. West, educated in the East, employed a while in the South, and now settled somewhere in between, I’ve traveled to more than 36 countries and territories and have made my home on three continents. I’m a native speaker of two languages, and have some fluency in two more, but alas, I’m a true master of none.

I have a B.S. degree in Biology yet I’ve never worked in the sciences.  Instead, I’ve spent the last 20+ years managing business in Asia-Pacific for software companies, an occupation for which I realized only recently that I’m best suited.

In the Army, I was a certified airborne paratrooper, but these days as a civilian, I prefer to ride my Vespa, or sail, or hike.

I face my most demanding challenges and derive the greatest satisfaction as husband to Ptarmi and father to Claire and Evan. With our basenji Chibi, we live, labor, and laugh in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Forever shaped by rigorous scientific training, I analyze and evaluate my life experiences rationally. Relying on evidence-based information, a naturalistic perspective, and a dose of skepticism, I strive to extend beyond the environment I perceive around me in Utah — my Umwelt Utahpia — to marvel at the grandeur of the world and universe we all share.