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Make Every Day a Holiday

Atheist HolidayFrom time to time, I’ll be highlighting a new book about issues that concern me as a Bright and as a rational woman. I don’t claim to be a book critic, rather simply a blogger who knows what she likes and wants to share it with the like-minded.

A book that’s timely now (and anytime) is Penn Jillette’s Every Day is an Atheist Holiday!: More Read more

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Why I’d Ban Guns

Girl with GunWhat I’m about to write is my personal opinion, based on personal experiences. Nothing empirical about it. Every form of media is full of stories about and analysis of America’s gun culture. I’m simply adding my own small bit of reflection.

When I was 12 or so and we lived in Sacramento, my parents would take me target-shooting in a forested area some distance outside … Read more

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Holiday Celebrations and Best Traditions: Links in Our Human Chain

The 30 November 2012 issue of The Brights’ Bulletin includes a “Holiday Celebrations” topic that describes the “December Dilemma” faced by some people with a naturalistic worldview, who struggle to integrate meaningfully their personal lives with the predominantly religion-based social activities of the season.

The very next section (“Our ‘Best Tradition’ – A Potential Toolbox Topic?”) asks for commentary … Read more

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Why You Should Spend Time in a Flow State

Flow is a state of consciousness in which many very creative individuals claim to most readily produce their work. Plus it feels good (to be there, to have been there), so once you recognize it, you may seek it out regularly.

Flow, most simply, is when time stops for you, or at least changes quality dramatically. You and what you’re doing merge. Sounds mystical, and … Read more

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8 Ways to Be a Rational Woman

I could have started this new blog by trying to tell you who I am. I figure, though, that you’re here because you’re curious about what “a rational woman” might have to say. Besides, what better way to get acquainted than for me to delve immediately into what matters?

If you share my supernatural-free attitudes, you may be wondering how you can spread your beliefs … Read more

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A Well-Frog’s View

“A frog in a well knows nothing of the ocean.”
─ Japanese Proverb

Hello, BloggingBrights Readers!

Like you, I am new to this blog site and am excited about exploring the possibilities it has to offer.

I blog from Saratoga Springs, Utah, a U.S. city of about 17,000 residents stretched across and beyond the northeast tip of Utah Lake.  Ever since my New York sister-in-law … Read more

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