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Helmet Safety Laws of Utahpia

Helmets“No brilliance is required in law, just common sense….”

─ John Mortimer

In the “Justice” episode of the television series Star Trek:  The Next Generation, the starship Enterprise crew investigates the culture of the newly discovered humanoids, the Edo.  Edo society is virtually free of crime and maintains only a small group of “mediators” to serve as what we would call peace officers.  Each … Read more

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Family Secrets Revealed

My mother, Yukino Asai, is a native of Gunma Prefecture, Japan.  Born in 1934, her life began not only in a place but also a time very different from New Jersey where she lives today.  Over the decades, she’s told and re-told countless stories from childhood, and I’ve tried to piece together her most vivid memories into a picture of what it was like to … Read more

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Holiday Celebrations and Best Traditions: Links in Our Human Chain

The 30 November 2012 issue of The Brights’ Bulletin includes a “Holiday Celebrations” topic that describes the “December Dilemma” faced by some people with a naturalistic worldview, who struggle to integrate meaningfully their personal lives with the predominantly religion-based social activities of the season.

The very next section (“Our ‘Best Tradition’ – A Potential Toolbox Topic?”) asks for commentary … Read more

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A Well-Frog’s View

“A frog in a well knows nothing of the ocean.”
─ Japanese Proverb

Hello, BloggingBrights Readers!

Like you, I am new to this blog site and am excited about exploring the possibilities it has to offer.

I blog from Saratoga Springs, Utah, a U.S. city of about 17,000 residents stretched across and beyond the northeast tip of Utah Lake.  Ever since my New York sister-in-law … Read more

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