One Science-Minded Citizen: Davis Jacobson

CalfCreekI’m Davis Jacobson, coming to you from a smallish town in Idaho, USA.

I am interested in the place where science and worldview meet public policy and neighborly relations, and so I’ve found the Brights a congenial idea to hang on to for a while now. The added opportunity of putting a few words together for BloggingBrights seemed too good to pass up.

I’m from USA, obviously, so I probably have some bias in that regard. I don’t claim any particular resume or credentials, so I hope my thoughts will speak for themselves.  I’m male, bookish, 40, and a child of divorce and the military, if that helps you dial me in.

The fictional character I most remind myself of would be either Dennis from Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Dirk Gently from the eponymous books by Douglas Adams. Like Dennis, I’ve been known to get on the soapbox from time to time. Unlike Dennis, I try to know when it’s time to quit. Like Dirk, I believe in a fundamental interconnectedness of all things. I disagree with Dirk’s understanding of the physics.

I’ll probably dig into Really Serious Stuff sometimes, but hopefully not to the point that it becomes boring. I’ll probably also get into Gee Wow Stuff sometimes, but hopefully not to the point that you find it frivolous. If you’re reading this now, I hope you’ll come back and enjoy the ride.

Comment! Supportively if you can, but critically if you must. It’s how I learn.