One Science-Minded Citizen: Laurie Hatton

My name is Laurie Hatton and I am an aquatic ecologist working for the State of California, although I will also work for Long Island Iced Tea. Or gin and tonic. I was born in England, but my family emigrated to the USA when I was two.  I’ve lived in New York State, Texas, California and Indiana (note- I’ve lived deep in the Bible Belt TWICE!  Did I mention I’m a glutton for punishment?).  After about 30 years I finally got my American citizenship the same year a complete moron became presid…er… I finally got my American citizenship in 2000.

I have a degree in fisheries biology from the University of California, Davis, a master’s in Aquatic Ecology from Purdue University and an MBA from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management (Yep – obviously a glutton for punishment).  I was not raised in a religious family, and have never understood people who believe in the supernatural.  I honestly don’t know whether, had I been indoctrinated in some sort of religion, I would believe or if my brain just isn’t wired for it.  However, my father was raised in a religious household, and realized it was all nonsense when he was in his early teens.

I used to write a blog – more of my rantings are over at Chimaera Contemplations