One Science-Minded Citizen: Vinod Wadhawan

VinodI’m a condensed-matter physicist neck deep in researching complexity.  But I’m also a citizen, and very concerned about civic understanding (or misunderstanding) of science.  So, for two years I have been writing a weekly blog post: ‘Understanding Natural Phenomena’ in an attempt to help to popularize science. In the blog I have continuously tried to promote rational thinking and do my part to spread understanding of science and scientific method, and of the evolution of complexity in Nature. In the blog I have emphasized that the origin of life, and of much else, has a rational and natural (rather than supernatural) explanation.

The blog writing has been a rewarding experience for me, but for now, I am concluding the postings to focus on creating a book out of those blog posts. All along in my blog, I have tried to make science simple and interesting; it’s been a challenge. (I am aware that things did get a bit dense at some places.) I have already written four books, and in this next one, I’d like to improve on that variable and achieve that “simple and interesting” goal. Feel free to advise me, either by writing directly at relevant blog posts, or by writing to me privately at I look forward to your responses.

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