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Only a Theory?

By Laurie Hatton (in collaboration with her local Brights Community Cluster)

Sherlock Holmes commonly stated to Watson, “I have a theory.” The word “theory” means that something is a guess or speculative idea. Right?  Well, yes it can. However, when a scientist uses the term theory, he or she means something totally different.  A scientific theory is an idea that has a lot of evidence … Read more

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One Science-Minded Citizen: Laurie Hatton

My name is Laurie Hatton and I am an aquatic ecologist working for the State of California, although I will also work for Long Island Iced Tea. Or gin and tonic. I was born in England, but my family emigrated to the USA when I was two.  I’ve lived in New York State, Texas, California and Indiana (note- I’ve lived deep in the Bible Belt … Read more

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