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3 Curmudgeonly Insights into the Good Life

not cheerfulI’ve experienced the pull of positive psychology since it was called humanistic psychology, back in the 1970s or before. Newly re-packaged, with a lot of recent research backing up what to me seems, by now, like common sense, this field aims to turn self-help into a science.

You want to be happy, or happier, or live a better life? Fine, here’s what you need to … Read more

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6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Life

Checked_elephantSpring comes early where I live in Southern California, but anytime can be a good time to give yourself the refreshing feeling of starting anew.

And for those who still make New Year’s resolutions, it’s a good bet that many of those well-intentioned goals are now moldering away in a neglected corner of your subconscious. (If that’s not true in your life, please share your … Read more

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