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YES–College Is STILL Worth It!

With today’s high unemployment rates and increasing student loan debt levels, many Americans question whether a college education is worth the cost.  An article written by William J. Bennett and David Wilezol at FoxNews.com in May 2013 answers the question “Is College Worth It?” with an unenthusiastic “It depends”.  The authors give several reasons for their ambivalent response:

  • Student debt is growing, as well as
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Parking Perplexity

Article by Davis Jacobson

Who wants to waste time walking if you could just drive? If only there were a perfect way to find a parking space in a big lot….

Spoiler alert: There isn’t! But there are glimmers of ways that are reliably not as bad as the worst you could do! It turns out that this problem fits within a category called … Read more

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